Geothermal boreholes

Geothermal energy consists in removing the heat from inside the soil.

Underground heat can be removed through horizontal or vertical collectors or through the use of water tables.

Geothermal energy in Mainland Portugal can be used because the earth is at a constant temperature of about 17 oC, thus allowing natural cooling in the summer and pre-heating in the winter. As this process is usually associated with a heat pump, energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

By applying geothermal energy and using renewable energy equipment Sondalis is able to heat and cool your home, heating sanitary water so that you can save energy compared to conventional forms of energy, never overlooking the interests of the environment.

Sondalis also offers the option of a 2-in-1 borehole – geothermal and water –, that is, you can benefit from the existing underground temperature and water with one borehole only.

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