Well logs and filming

Our equipment is capable of performing electrical and nuclear well logs and borehole filming.

Our well log equipment provides an accurate location of highly potential aquifer areas, enabling us to insert the perforated pipes quite accurately in order to abstract a good amount of quality water.

Using our filming equipment, on the other hand, allows us to assess the degree of sealing of perforations, assess the state of the couplings in active abstractions, and to take the necessary measures should the recovery and/or repair of old abstractions be feasible.
Filming can also be used after the drilling of a borehole is complete, for inspection purposes, that is, to see if the contractor had drilled the borehole according to the standards required by law.

This high-tech equipment leads to high-yield boreholes as we are able to have a clear view inside the borehole, assess its state and repair it if necessary.

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